Green Line - Roman Villa Rustica 1:72

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Roman Villa Rustica in Scale 1:72
Width: 380mm
Depth: 105mm
Height: 102mm

Villa rustica (countryside villa) was the term used by the ancient Romans to denote a villa set in the open countryside, often as the hub of a large agricultural estate (latifundium). The adjective rusticum was used to distinguish it from an urban or resort villa. The villa rustica would thus serve both as a residence of the landowner and his family (and retainers) and also as a farm management centre. It would often comprise separate buildings to accommodate farm labourers and sheds and barns for animals and crops. In modern British archaeology, a villa rustica is commonly (and misleadingly) referred to simply as a "Roman villa".

The villa rustica's design differed depending on the architect, but usually it consisted of three parts; the urbana (main house), agricultural center and the rusticana (farm area).

The article is a kit.
Consisting of:
5x roofs made of resin
2x Resin First Gable
1x Apsis from Resin
5x columns made of resin
1x base plate entrance made of resin
1x Sheet walls I
1x Sheet walls II
1x Sheet window panel front
1x Sheet window transparent
2x Sheet balsa wood 2 and 4mm
1x Sheet with 3 doors
and more

Glue and colors are not included in the kit.
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