Uniformkunde CD2004 - 6

French Armies of the Napoleonic Wars Vol. II- JOB Vol.I (16 plates), JOB Vol.II (20 plates), Buquoy French Napoleonic Cavalry Trumpeters (15 plates), Buquoy French Napoleonic Aides de Camp (20 plates), Buquoy’s French Napoleonic Personalities (16 plates), Detaille’s Cavaliers of Napoleon (30 plates)

Inhalt / Contents CD 2004-6

JOB's French Army of the Napoleonic Wars Vol. I

One of the most popular French military artists of the 18th Century is J. Onfroy De Breville better known as JOB. His work has the color and clarity that influenced many of today’s modern artists. The illustrations of JOB were very interesting and had a much more modern feel than his contemporaries of the late 19th Century. His documentation here in our first first Empire set is superb. This set covers the Imperial Guard and Elite Cavalry.

JOB's French Army of the Napoleonic Wars Vol. II

20 Napoleonic Prints from the work of J. Onfrey de Breville, JOB. A wide assortment of these fabulous First Empire subjects by the incredible JOB

1. Drum Major and Drummer Swiss Infantry Regt. No. 3 1806-12
2. Sapeur Swiss Infantry Regt. No. 2 1806-12
3. Grenadier and Sapeur Swiss Infantry Regt. No. 2 1806-12
4. Musicians of the band of the 3rd Swiss Regiment
5. Marshal Bessieres in uniform of the Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard
6. Kettle Drummer of the Grenadiers a Cheval of the Guard in Full Dress 1804
7. Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard in tenue de route 1810
8. Musician and Drum Major of Line Infantry, campaign uniforms 1812
9. Marines 1808
10. A.D.C. to Marshal Bernadotte and BernadotteÕs son in ADC uniform 1808
11.Drum Major and Musicians of Light Infantry 1800
12. Legion du Nord 1808
13. Trumpeter and Sgt. of Guard Horse Artillery 1813 Campaign
14. Officer of Guard Horse Artillery 1813 Campaign
15. Trumpter Elite Co. 21st Dragoons 1812
16. Trumpeter Center Company 9th Hussars 1806-12
17. Artillery Battalion de Neuchatel 1810
18. Corporal of Voltigeurs with fanion 1812
19. Drummer Boy 27th Infantry 1808
20. Camel Corps Army of Egypt 1801

The Buquoy Series

There was no more dedicated historian of the uniforms of the French Army than Commandant Bucquoy. While not much more than a mediocre artist himself his enthusiasm and knowledge of the subjects brought to him such noted artists as Lelipievre, Rousselot, Taconville, and Toussaint and others to provide the detailed illustrations for the series. Note that ALL of our prints are reproduced from the original first publication cards done before World War II.

1. Chef De Musique 4th Regiment of Hussars 1808
2. Musician, Mounted Band of the 7th Chasseurs a Cheval 1809
3. Trumpeter 9th Regiment of Hussars Grand Tenue 1812
4. Sergeant Major and Trumpeters of the 5th Regiment of Hussars Grand Tenue 1812
5. Trumpeter of the Artillery Train of the Imperial Guard 1809-10
6. Trumpeter of the 20th Regiment of Chasseurs a Cheval 1813
7. Trumpeter of the 2nd Regiment of the Artillery a Cheval 1798-1801
8. Trumpeter and Kettledrummer of the Dragoons of the Imperial Guard
9. Chef de Musique and Muscian of the Dragoons of the Guard, tenue de ville, 1810
10. Trumpeter of the 5th Regiment of Chasseurs a Cheval 1797
11. Trumpeter of the Artillery a Cheval, Spain 1810
12. Trumpeter of the 5th Regiment Chasseurs a Cheval Campaign Dress 1805-1806
13. Trumpeter of the 5th Regiment of Chasseurs a Cheval Campaign Dress 1807
14. Trumpeters of Carabiniers transition uniform 1810
15. Brigade Trumpeter and Musician 5th Cuirassiers 1808

The Buquoy Series
Aide's de Camp and General Staff Officers

Perhaps no group in the armies of the Napoleonic era is responsible for more memoirs, exploits and panache than the Aide de Camp. Not just favorites or rich boy with social status (though they could be. The A.D.C.'s had very real responsiblites and important duties to perform. In the era before modern communications they were their commander's voice on the battlefield, it was they who carried orders and correspondance through the worst battlefield conditions. As such they had to be instantly recognizeable. From their gaudy uniforms to their embrodered sleeve sashes they were watched by all as they went about their duties. Also included in this set are the adjutant commandants these were the professional staff officers who kept the day to day operations in tow.

1. Aide De Camp Grand Tenue at the beginning of the First Empire
2. Captain Lebrun, General Staff of the Imperial Guard
3. Aide de Camp, Grand Tenue at the end of the Consulate
4. Officer d’Ordonnance to the Emperor, Imperial Staff 1809
5. Col. Baron Lejune Aide de Camp to Marshal Berthier
6. Aide De Camp, Campaign Uniform 1813
7. General Lemarais, General of a Division, A.D.C. to the Emperor
8. Adjutant Commandant of the Imperial Guard (End of the Consulate)
9. Caron d’ Hevilley, Officer of the General Staff, Colonel of Hussars
10. Murat 1807
11. Officer of the 7th Chasseurs a Cheval, Aide de Camp to a Division General
12. Adjutant Commandant, Campaign Uniform, Attached to the Staff of a Major General
13. Officer attached to the General Staff, Campaign Uniform 1800-1805
14. Officer of the 11th Hussars, Aide de Camp to a Brigadier General
15. Captain Manhes, Aide de Camp to Murat 1807
16. Topographical Engineers
17. Captain Paulin 1810, Aide de Camp to General Bertrand
18. Captain Paulin, Regulation Uniform 1807
19. Officer of the 1st Hussars, Adjutant to the General Staff
20. Captain Weigel, 19th Chasseurs a Cheval, A.D.C. of General Clement 1806-1808
21. Duroc, Grand Marshal of the Palace, 1809

The Buquoy Series
French Napoleonic Millitary and Civil Personalites

FR-18 -1. Marshal Lannes Duke of Montebello
FR-18 -2. Herteloupe, Surgeon Inspector General
FR-18-3. Broussais, Doctor in Chief of the Hospital of Xerez. Spain 1810
FR-18 -4. Castella. General of a Brigade 1810
FR-18 -5. Napoleon in travel dress, 1807
FR-18 -6. Napoleon 1813
FR-18 -7. Murat at Tilsit 1807
FR-18 -8. Gaudin, Minister of Finance 1803
FR-18 -9. Dejan, Director of War Administration, 1805
FR-18 -10.Berthier, Minister of War 1805
FR-18 -11.Portalis, Minister of Culture
FR-18 -12.Reginier, Grand Judge 1805
FR-18 -13.Decres, Minister of the Navy 1806
FR-18-14.Talleyrand 1806
FR-18-15. Talleyrand, 1807
FR-18-16. Berthier 1812

The Cavaliers of Napoleon by Edouard Detaille

1. "Before the Battle"-Napoleon I and Marshal Murat with a Chasseur a Cheval of the Guard and Staff officers.
2. Carabinier trooper 1806
3. General of Heavy Cavalry
4. Trooper 2nd Dragoons
5. Column, 23rd Dragoons
6. Gendarmes d'Ordonnance
7. Gardes d'Honneur 1813
8. Hussar Officer in Spain
9. 4th Cuirassier Regiment
10. Carabinier Officer 1812
11. Grenadiers a Cheval at Eylau
12. Officer of Cuirassiers
13. Cuirassier trooper
14. Senior officer of Cuirassiers, Austrian Campaign
15. Band of the 4th Dragoons
16. Dragoons at rest
17. Foot Dragoons 1806
18. Line Lancers 1812
19. Officer of Dragoons
20. Gendarmes d'Elite and Dutch Lancers of the Garde
21. Dragoons of the Guard at St. Dizier
22. "Sounding the Parley" Elite Dragoons and Staff officer
23. Regiment of Hussars
24. Hussars on a Scout
25. Charge of Hussars
26. Chasseurs a Cheval Scouting a wood
27. Chasseur a Cheval of the Guard- Emperor's Escort
28. Charge of Chasseurs a Cheval
29. Chasseur a Cheval of an elite company
30. Brigade of Chasseurs a Cheval