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One of Napoleon's staunchest allies, the Grand Duchy of Warsaw. Tired of being a vassal of its neighbors the alliance with the French offered the Pole's an opportunity to display their military prowess on the European stage. They performed well in all the campaigns in which they were involved. The Polish Minister of War Joseph Poniatowski was even given the honor of being appointed a Marshal of France. This CD includes the brilliant art of two famous Polish artists. Jan Chelminski and Bronislaw Gzembrezewski. It also includes detailed notes on all the prints and a complete copy of the Uniform Regulations for the Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw. There is no more complete or accurate depiction and description of these uniforms anywhere at any price. The Gzembrezewski prints come from editions of the French journal LE SABRETACHE published ca. 1895. The originals of these rare prints were lost during World War II in Poland. This set comes with detailed notes by Polish military expert Dr. David Stefancic of Saint Mary's College.

Inhalt / Contents CD 2004-4

The Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw by Jan Chelminski

About the Artist: Jan (John) quite a popular historical and period painter, born 1851 died 1925, also an avid collector, was also famous for his Napoleonic arms collection, he studied first under Julius Kossak who was a great historical and equine painter (his paintings fetch great prices inPoland), then in Munich with J. Brandt (another great orientalist, extremely popular in Germany and Austria during the turn of century - some of his paintings are in the US, in Philadelphia) Chelminski worked and was popular in Paris, Munich, London and New York where he worked for Teddy Roosevelt. He also worked for the King of Bavaria and Emperor of Russia, and became quite wealthy.
Chelminski painted hunting scenes, sporting events and genere paintings, and after1890 dedicated himself to the historical painting - especially the Napoleonic Period, all very detailed and thoroughly researched works.
In 1904 in Paris he published a book L’Arme Polonaise du Duche de Varsovie with the description and text by Waclaw Gasiorowski a famous Napoleonic Period Polish writer of the era. These plates come from that book.

The Gembarzewski Prints - Polish Lancers of the Guard

Gembarzewski studied art at the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Art during the 19th Century and was an accomplished painter. He is best known for his studies on the military uniform of the Polish fighting men from the 9th Century through the January uprising of 1863.
He was one of the organizers of the Museum of the Polish Army in Warsaw and its first director. His work is considered legendary in Poland. Most of his original watercolors were lost or destroyed during the Warsaw uprising of 1944 and the destruction of the city by the Germans following the uprising. During the postwar period the government published several volumes of his works mostly from microfiche. His remaining watercolors are mostly in possession of the Polish Army Museum.
These prints were scanned from the original prints in the Le Sabretache journals that were printed in 1895. Each print has been carefully restored to all its original color and vibrancy and enlarged approximately 50 %. The notes to this series of prints were written by Dr. David Stefancic of St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. Dr. Stefancic is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated historians of the Polish military in the United States today.