Uniformkunde CD2004 - 31

The Austrian Army in the Field 1888 and 1910
36 prints

Inhalt / Contents CD 2004-31

Austrian Army Ca. 1910 Field Uniforms AH-1

We do not know the artist of this set published in Austria in 1910 but the prints are very good and highly detailed
1. Major General
2. General Adjutant
3. Infantry Officer of a German Regiment
4. Infantryman of a German Regiment
5. Infantryman of a German Regiment in winter uniform
6. Officer of Field Artillery
7. Master Gunner of Field Artillery
8. Officer of Light Artillery
9. Gunner of Light Artillery
10. Jaeger Officer
11. Jaeger Trumpeter
12. Pioneer
13. Train Soldier
14. First Aid Corps
15. Officer of Bosnian Infantry
16. Landwher
17. Tyrolian Soldier
18. Officer of Hungarian Landwher
19. Soldier of Hungarian Landwher
20. Uhlan in undress uniform
21. Dragoon in summer uniform
22. Hussar Officer
23. Corporal of Landwher
24. Uhlan Officer
25. Dragoon Officer
26. Hussar in summer uniform
27. Naval Officer
28. Sailor

Austrian Army Ca. 1888 by Myrbach.AH-2

These prints come from watercolors done by Myrbach early in his career. He is noted as a book illustrator doing many childrens books and at least one Napoleonic history. He was also late in his career a pioneer of the Art Noveau movement in Austria after the First World War.
1. Officer of the General Staff and Uhlan Escort
2. Officer of Artillery
3. 21st Jaeger Batallion
4. Sapper of the First Infantry Regiment
5. Corporal of the 11th Hussar Regiment
6. Hussar Trumpeter
7. Dragoon of the 5th Dragoon Regiment
8. Uhlan of the 13th Regiment

NOTE: The two illustrations are NOT to scale with each other.