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Detailled schematic plates of the Russian Imperial Guard of Czar Nicholas II. Covers all the Guard Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery regiments as well as the Cossack, Naval, and Engineer detachments. ( 51 plates)

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The Russian Imperial Guard 1900-1914

Compiled from contemporary sources this set of 52 prints each page displaying a detailed schematic is a primary resource for the Russian Imperial Guard of Czar Nicholas II. Details on uniform cut, color and lace as well as headgear all all covered in complete detail. We have now completely redone this set into a nicely bound booklet with over 35 pages. With details on each regiment and specifications for the physical attributes of the members of each regiment.

R- 12 The Russian Army Ca. 1888
This is the reformed army of Czar Alexander III. The more stylish European uniforms were discarded in favor of distinctly Russian peasant styles. All of the cavalry regiments were reorganized and simply given numbers. These changes lasted until the middle of the reign of Czar Nicolas II when some of the earlier traditions were reinstated.

R- 6 The Russsian Army Ca. 1914

Still distinctly Russian in style and cut this is the uniform the enormous Russian Army wore at the beginning of the First World War. All branches of the land forces are covered as well as rank and uniform distinctions.