Uniformkunde CD2004 - 12

Rudolph von Ottenfeld's dedication to the history of the Austrian Army was only eceeded by his artistic abilities. His attention to detail and talent as an artist make this set of 75 plates one of our most popular and accurate. These were taken from the original book published by Ottenfeld and Teuber in 1895. The original volume from which these plates are taken sold for nearly $2,500 in 1993.

Inhalt / Contents CD 2004-12

The Austrian Army of the 18th Century by Ottenfeld

OSYW-1 Cuirassier 1705
OSYW-2 Grenadier and Drummer 1710
OSYW-3 Fusilier and Officer 1710
OSYW-4 Artillery 1710
OSYW-5 Hussar 1710
OSYW-6 General 1720
OSYW-7 Grenz Infantry and Grenz Sharpshooter
OSYW-8 Dragoon 1725
OSYW-9 Hungarian Infantry 17451768
OSYW-10 Officers of German Infantry 1740-1767
OSYW-11 Cuirassiers 1740-1769
OSYW-12 Hussar 1743-1769
OSYW-13 Horse Grenadier and Dragoon 1740-1756
OSYW-14 Dragoons 1758-1767
OSYW-15 General of Infantry and General of Cavalry 1760
OSYW-16 Trenk and Pandour 1760
OSYW-17 Artillery Armorer and Fusilier of Artillery 1751-1786
OSYW-18 Engineer Officer and Miner 1760
OSYW-19 Fifer, Grenadier and Drummer of German Infantry 1769-1798
OSYW-20 German Infantry Fusilier 1768-1798
OSYW-21 Chevauleger and Hussar 1769-1798
OSYW-22 Regimental Doctor and Invalid 1785